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  This world, marked by the changing of the seasons, has always fascinated me, and the desire slowly grew in me to become part of it, to contribute to it, to learn how to listen to the vineyard and to the land, to bring forth from them my own wines. I had no ready-made furrow, and so I was able to experiment with grape varieties, training methods, and blends, with the result that I currently now have 28 hectares of vineyard, planted mainly to the Corvina grape.< /br> I love the countryside all around me, the land that has been my companion every moment of my life: Monte Baldo rising up so majestically to the north, Lake Garda with its uniquely Mediterranean climate, the Valdadige that conveys the cools winds from the north. I love this earth, every square metre of it somehow different, brought here by the glaciers that carved out, in remotest times, the the bed of the lake and the valley of the Adige river. Everything that I do in the vineyard is aimed at respecting and preserving those unique and literally incomparable qualities that I find only in my wines. I am grateful to my father, who gave me the opportunity of living here and of exercising stewardship over this land. It is my hope to be able to hand it over some day to my three daughters and to have them pass it on to their children.      


Matilde Poggi

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